Colbert Elementary

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Colbert Elementary Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-465-6300 | Fax: 509-465-6320 | Attendance Line: 509-465-6305 (24hrs)

Principal: Cari Trowbridge 509-465-6310
Principal Assistant: Lisa Horn 509-465-6325

Administrative Assistant

Bonnie Sicilia 509-465-6301

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KalinArmstrong Physical Therapist 7600
Liz Baker 4th Grade Teacher 6300
Holly Bowen DLC Para Educator 6300
Meghan Bradley Administrative Assistant 6302
Karen Breitenbach Para Educator 6300
Teresa Buddington 5th Grade Teacher 6336
Evan Burch Custodian II 6300
Shelley Bussard 6th Grade Teacher 6355
Molly Cain 1st Grade Teacher 6354
Hayley Calhoun Educational Specialist 7600
Linda Cameron-Jokinen 3rd Grade Teacher 6366
Rebecca Cannon Para Educator 6300
Cori Carlson 4th Grade Combo & PE Support 6300
Karen Christopher 2nd Grade Teacher 6353
Kim Clark Educational Specialist 7600
Cari Costin Para Educator 6300
Vivian Davis LAP Teacher 6348
Sabine Dayton DLC Para Educator 6300
Carrie Dinwoodie School Nurse 688-9128
Brandy Donough Para Educator 6300
Thomas Doohan 6th Grade Teacher 6358
Kathy Drumheller Para Educator 6300
Ann Marie Edburg 2nd Grade Teacher 6340
Amy Evans Para Educator 6300
Lavelle Foss Para Educator 6300
Lesile Gardella Para Educator 6300
Melissa Gibbs 4th Grade Teacher 6335
Jaci Gregg DLC 6300
Opal Guillotte Para Educator 6300
Tina Harvey Para Educator 6303
Cheryl Hattrup Para Educator 6300
Carol Hegenderfer-Cooke 1st Grade Teacher 6300
Jessica Henry Kindergarten Teacher 6300
Kathy Hess Para Educator 6300
Amy Hill Occupational Therapist 7600
Jennifer Hoglund 2nd Grade Teacher 6300
Lisa Horn Principal Assistant 6325
Lachrisa Houchin Para Educator 6300
Paula Hulme 6th Grade Teacher 6360
Kelly Inderrieden DLC Teacher 6362
Nita Jardee Para Educator 6300
Gaylene Johnson Para Educator 6306
Meghan Johnson 2nd Grade Teacher 6300
Karen Kerr Para Educator 6300
Daniel Kuntz 5th Grade Teacher 6373
Kylie Lahr Kindergarten Teacher 6300
Kelly Leaf Occupational Therapist 7600
Linda Luiten 5th Grade Teacher 6370
Shannon Main Speech Language Pathologist 7600
Lindsey Masiarek Physical Therapist 7600
Gina McGlocklin Resource Room Teacher 6351
Christine McKinney Head Cook 6315
Joanne Membrey 1st Grade Teacher 6344
Hailey Molan Kindergarten Teacher 6300
Donn Nelson Teacher of Deaf & Hard of Hearing 7600
Kristopher Nutt Custodian II 6307
Drew Olsen Music Teacher 6361
Jocelyn Olson Cook 6315
Melissa Pittz Social Worker 6367
Crystal Priel Para Educator 6300
Rhonda Reiss Para Educator 6300
Regina Rhinehart Para Educator 6300
Stephanie Robinson DLC Para Educator 6300
April Schober Library Specialist 6314
Jeanne Sciuto Quest Teacher 6300
Bonnie Sicilia Administrative Assistant 6301
Kristen Spears Kindergarten Teacher 6343
Esther Staal Resource Room Teacher 6300
Ron Steele Custodian II 6300
Lynn Stewart Cook II 6315
Jean Strom Manager II 6315
Bryan Tapp DLC Para Educator 6300
Heather Thoburn School Psychologist 7600
Kandi Thorson Para Educator 6300
Cari Trowbridge Principal 6310
Eric Toguchi 4th Grade Teacher 6359
James Torchia Para Educator 6300
Michelle Tubbs Para Educator 6300
Thereza Vahlstrom ELL Teacher 6300
Keith Ward PE Teacher/Elementary Athletic Director 6372
Naomi Widmer Resource Room Teacher 6300
Jennifer Wigen Speech Language Pathologist 7600
Holly Wilcox 3rd Grade Teacher 6349
Natalie Wilkes 3rd/4th Grade Teacher 6357
Mary Wilner Vision Impaired 7600
Sandy Wuennecke Administrative Assistant 6302
Robin Yorlano Para Educator 6300
Kelly Zeller Special Education Teacher 6300